Official Shriner Child Sponsor Drive

We have more local special children than ever. – Please Help If You Can!

Help me put a smile on the faces of some Special Children!


Aside from wearing red fez's around town & driving our little car's in all the parades... Our local Shrine members have a few special projects that we perform throughout the year, that are just for our local children. Every year, we band together to provide Magical Experiences for our local Children. We already have over 7,000 kids this year!


Please join us this year by sponsoring some of these special kids, giving them this unique… Possibly Once In a Lifetime Joyful Experience. We are Grateful for your help & we can’t do this without you! It is really hard to do this drive... It takes a monumental effort to get this done. Remember we work with thousands of local children and their families every year, without fail.


Our members do our best to take care of these special children & many community partners like you and me will hopefully also step up to help. We have more children than ever this year. We do this public drive to get as many of the remaining kids taken care of as possible, so the project is viable so we can provide a special experience for our local kids. 


This is the most important event and fundraiser that we do every year. This is a local project that only benefits our local El Zaribah Shrine Center. Please let me know if you need anything…  Or if you ever know of any children that we might be able to help, then don’t ever hesitate to contact me.


Aaron Beckstead, Noble
Director –Child Sponsor Drive


The Shrine Center
552 North 40th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85008
Phone: (480) 300-4631
Secure Fax: (480) 717-6967

Please Choose A Business Sponsorship Gift Package

Premier Gift Package: 150 kids for $2,250

Platinum Gift Package: 100 kids for $1,500

Gold Gift Package: 50 kids for $750

Silver Gift Package: 30 kids for $450

Bronze Gift Package: 15 kids for $225

Please Choose A Community Sponsorship Gift Package

Group Gift Package: 10 kids for $150

Community Gift Package: 5 Kids for $75 

Friend Gift Package: 3 Kids for $45

Support Gift Package: 2 Kids for $30